ONWARD and UPWARD: The Will to Tebow!

tim-tebowTim Tebow has become a phenomenon in more ways than one. The Denver Broncos quarterback is now one of the highest publicized, most scrutinized athletes out there today and for one reason… being a devout Christian.

As opposed to beating his chest or doing a silly mock type of dance when things go well for him, Tebow gets down on his knee or points up to the sky [referencing Heaven]. He speaks openly and unapologetic about his faith in God and Jesus, faces the criticism and chooses to turn the other cheek.

As both a New Yorker and fan of the Giants excited for the Super Bowl next Sunday, in my opinion Tim Tebow walks away with the prize. Maybe not the ring of all rings—something better. Tebow has become the shining example and light of encouragement for so many. I’m thrilled to have this 25 year-old man as someone my children can look up to. Tebow holds qualities I believe to be real: integrity, loyalty, honesty, honor, dedication, perseverance, enthusiasm, commitment, joy, love and peace. No matter what race, gender, ethnicity or religion, those are great and admirable qualities to have. Here’s a man who’s not out to hurt anyone. He’s never been incarcerated. He’s not forcing his faith or anything else on anyone… he’s simply expressing his faith—Tebow style. He’s proud of who he is and praises someone higher than himself for his gifts. Good for him!

As stated in Tim Tebow’s website, www.TimTebow.com, “I’ve lived my life by this quote since I was 6 years old: ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.’”

Athletes have prayed then played on the court, field, rink, etc. for centuries. Quite often, entertainers get up and thank God above anyone when receiving some type of award whether it’s an Emmy, Oscar, Grammy, MTV, People’s Choice… any film or music award. And then there are people like me who’ve been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoblastic lymphoma, or any other type of cancer/life threatening disease or circumstance, praying for a healthier tomorrow. I’m sure our families and friends prayed for us, as we pray for others whenever and wherever possible. Faith is powerful.

As an American watching her country steer away from America’s Judeo-Christian values, clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence, heading down the secular route, I hope and pray the pressure doesn’t become too great for Tebow. He too is human; yet a great man who’s arrived, I believe, at the right time.

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Onward Production – Announcements:

  • I’m pleased to announce my guest for this month’s Onward And Upward radio program, “The Marketing Doctor!” Dr. John Tantillo will be joining us Monday, January 30, 2012, from 12pm-1pm ET at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/ErinLey. Take a moment and go that site to check out Dr. Tantillo’s bio, book, People Buy Brands Not Companies, and much more. He’s notorious for educating many individuals in various venues with regard to branding and all things marketing, and making the recommendation, “Go brand yourself!”
  • Also, I had a fantastic night at the Old Mills Road Elementary School in Merrick last Tuesday night, January 24, 2012, with a gathering of wonderful colleagues from the Long Island Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s group! As we personally inscribe each of our books for those purchasing, the students, families, faculty and administrators were extremely gracious. They came to each of our tables asking questions about the writing process, how we come up with the names of our characters, and more. Many thanks to Maria Small for organizing the event and the invite.
  • Next, I’m looking forward to this Thursday, February 2, 2012. As the guest author at Oquenock Elementary School in West Islip (NY) I will provide both a character-building and food allergy awareness presentation for the students. Their theme for the night, “Reading Under The Stars,” works beautifully with my futurist, out-of space children’s books, and twelve-year-old main character, Maggie The Magnificent. Many thanks to Carmela Caminito for organizing this event and contacting me through my website.
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  • As we move ONWARD throughout the rest of this school year and plan for 2012-2013, any Long Island (NY) based elementary school, public and/or private, can contact me any time at www.ErinLey.com when looking to provide a character-building assembly. I’ve incorporated food allergy awareness into my presentations not only because two of my three young children have life threatening peanut and pitted fruit allergies; the number of food allergies in both adults and children have grown exponentially. What better place to discuss this with our youth, along with the significance of great character, than in elementary schools where there are tremendous amount of projects completed and classroom parties that include food.

Now that the first month of this New Year has come to an end, I’m wishing all of you the very best this year, and life in general, has to offer! Life’s too short for any of us to continuously conform… live inside “the box.” Break out of that box! Live outside the box! Outside the box is who you truly are; and it’s my pleasure and privilege to be connected with you in one way or another.

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Live ONWARD with great character and a smile!

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