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“I will never forget my first conversation with Erin Ley! Every single time we talk she brings to me profound perspectives, immense knowledge, sincere compassion, a feeling of security and great joy! I look forward to our talks every single week – Erin has helped me face some of my deepest fears along this journey and she has been a vital part of my healing. She truly understands and I look forward to many long years of working with her through my current healing and continued growth in the future. Erin Ley is an Amazing woman and I sincerely believe the Holy Spirit’s wisdom, love and compassion has been laid upon her and she is a gift to us!”

Susan Carpio, Colorado

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From 1991-1993, at twenty-five years old, Erin defied all odds. Her 2 1/2 year aggressive combination chemotheraphy/radiation protocol was not the end, as many had thought it would be. Quite the contrary, it was the beginning of her new and improved life.

Erin Ley is not an M.D. or therapist; she is a survivor, coach, mentor, mediator & advocate who’s been there and is able to provide direction, inspiration, and empowerment, both the tangibles and intangibles, that patients, caregivers, and medical professionals suffering from burnout could benefit from!


​​​​​​​America's Devoted Empowerment Coach!


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In-Office & Phone Coaching Sessions

Erin Ley, America's Devoted Empowerment Coach, provides
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ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD from the comfort of your own home.


Care – from others
Aim – for the best
Negate – all the negative entities
Conquer – all fears
Endeavor – to live your dreams
​​​​​​​Reveal – your inner strength


Family, Marriage, Divorce, and Business

​​​​​​​Mediation Programs utilizing Erin Ley’s "Onward And Upward With Erin Ley" podcast, Erin's special online events & workshops, and printed materials!

1) Mediation for the Family (ages 25+) experiencing the need for Conflict Resolution (i.e. over the Family Will or Family Business, etc.). The average fee is $1,500 for three 2-hour sessions.

2) Mediation for the Couple unsure about Divorce. We can Mediate without the Attorney involved. The average fee is $3,500 for up to seven 2-hour sessions

3) Mediation for the Couple entering a non-contested Divorce, which will include the Attorney Fee, is $4,500 (not including Court filing fees) for up to seven 2-hour sessions. You may choose to use your own Attorney.

4) Mediation for your Business experiencing the need for Conflict Resolution. The average is $3,000 for three 2-hour sessions.

5) Post-Mediation Strategy to help you avoid conflict in the future: 3-Month Online Program $1,997.

*Fees differ. Please call to discuss your personal and professional needs.

Erin Ley’s Empowerment Coaching is for those who want the Coaching, Mentoring, and Spiritual support needed to deal with:

  • The Breakthrough

  • Setting goals

  • Deep breathing​​​​​​​

  • Cutting through red tape

  • Getting organized

  • Staying on top of the paperwork & protocol

  • Meditation vs Medication

  • Powerful motivation through the good and bad

  • Mind over matter is much more than a cliché… it could be a life saver

  • Communicating with others – both professional and personal

  • Creating your new norm of peace of mind & quality of life

  • Learn how to relax and love yourself during, through, and beyond turmoil

  • So much more…tailored to each individual’s needs

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Communicate Confidently At Home And The Workplace! 9-WEEK Group Coaching BOOTCAMP - Online Program With LIVE Weekly Calls


COMMUNICATE CONFIDENTLY AT HOME AND THE WORKPLACE! Group Coaching Bootcamp is the program for men and women looking for the tools to finally get through to people around you! The 9-Steps consist of the proven secrets to successful communication with Family, Loved Ones, and Co-Workers It can be frustrating going through your day unable to tell people what you really think, properly expressing your good ideas, and revealing the emotions that deserve to come out! Sign up now to take part in this remarkable transformation available to motivated participants!

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RISE INTO LIFE! - Personal 1:1 Empowerment Coach PRIVATE
​​​​​​​QUARTERLY Program: 

This private one-to-one empowerment coaching program is taylored to fit your personal, individual needs. RISE INTO LIFE! teaches you how to eliminate unnecessary fear, chaos, and overwhelm. It empowers you with the tools necessary to move onward and upward through and beyond upset into the next chapter of your life with peace of mind, quality of life, and fulfilling relationships! It is designed to help you harness your inner-power and ignite your BEST self with strength, clarity, and connection!


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The BEST thing you can do for your business is invest in a professional Executive Coaching Program! GROW YOUR BUSINESS (GYB) is designed to offer your business improved communication skills whereby producivity goes up and the leaky bottom-line dissapears. This program includes personal growth and professional leadership training. Our GROW YOUR BUSINESS (GYB) program offers: 1) One 2-hour Workshop to the group encouraging stress reduction, conflict resolution, better communication, and improved productivity; 2) You and I work together to customize a plan utilizing my state-of-the-art 21-day Accountability online-program to help key employees extinguish bad-habits, develop better habits, and achieve the goals most important to your business! This is NOT a command and control type environment looking for who's doing something wrong. It IS about helping employees embark on empowering changes to achieve remarkable things! This has wide spread implications for a far healthier and more enjoyable life and workplace for everyone involved; 3) You and I reconvene at the end of the 21-days to discuss implimenting the plan that works best for growing your business ONWARD!

GROW YOUR BUSINESS! Executive Coaching To Improve Communication & Accountability, & Productivity 1-Month Program

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Presented By Erin Ley

Take the 3-Steps necessary to IGNITE YOUR BEST LIFE at home and the workplace, communicating from a place of integrity and filled with strength, clarity, and connection! YOU CAN easily achieve what you previously thought was impossible!


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1 Example of Coaching: Helping Patients, Caregivers, & Medical Professionals - Prognosis - Protocol - Goals

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