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Maggie Ley, daughter of Erin Ley, is the creative genius behind a good portion of the photography and videography for Erin Ley’s website. Not only is Maggie extremely gifted in the Arts, her ‘old soul’ is the driving force behind her determination to help uplift and inspire others through her work. Maggie has a keen eye, a loving heart, and the wisdom to express herself utilizing the Gifts she’s been born with.

Maggie will be embedding her own personalized inspirational quotes within photos she has taken of nature; and she will be sharing these breathtaking images here on to help others take a moment to ‘stop and smell the flowers’.

Nsite Technology Studios, formerly Envision Creative Studio
A Full Service Technology, Digital Marketing & Creative Design Studio

Devotion, grit, and determination, this is how Sonia Park, President and Founder of Nsite Technology Studios, fuels her business. She has spent many years as a serial entrepreneur with a genuine desire to help the people around her succeed. Over the years, Sonia’s consulting work has helped several businesses to thrive.

With decades of experience and first-‐hand industry “know-­‐how” in website development, design and digital marketing, Sonia has used this ideal medium over-and-over again to help other business owners and entrepreneurs succeed in the digital age. 

Where many find the ever­‐changing world of technology, with its innovations, analytics, growing audience and increasing impact, a little daunting, Sonia feels at home and is in all things digital and all things entrepreneurial. This ideal combination produces instant action and achieves measurable results; while allowing for adaptability of your current and long-term goals. ​​​​​

Web Development (Websites, Apps, Software) | Digital Marketing | Social Media | Graphic Design
Corporate Identity | Promo Videos | Drone Videos | Photography | and More

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